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    Uniliner UL-299E

    UL-299E auto collision repair equipment, referenced and absorbed North American’s advanced technology, integrated many experiences in auto collision repairing, mixed a number of patented technologies, the newest car type design technique and safety design technique of European and American several big automotive companies. It is an innovated product in the current market. With an integrated computer electronic cabinet control system, tilt lifting platform is operated by a remote control device. Three triple output oil system makes lifting, unlocking, dropping and locking possible through a key. Full automation, technological innovation, humanized design, practical working philosophy.


    Platform is made of high manganese steel, procedures including CNC Plasma cutting, C02 welding (Panasonic), polishing (shot blasting cleaning machine ) and power coating ensure the platform with high flatness, strong, no-blind fixing ways and efficient straightening

    Automatically release and withdraw flexible leg; make the car drive on and off more conveniently.