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    Oil Equipment

    The air-operated oil pumps, fully designed and manufactured by MECLUBE, show remarkable operating features. It is fully machined with electronic machine tools, the assembly is made with great care and the parts are carefully tested in order to assure the best guarantee of reliability and a long life. Brand new motion reverse device completely air operated, without cams

    • Reduced number of worn parts

    • Big amount of delivered oil with low air consumption

    • High operating pressure

    • Aluminium alloy body pump with electrolytic treatment that ensures very high corrosion strength • High stressed elements in Fe 420 steel

    Oil Suction Drainer 65

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    The air-operated oil suction drainers are ideal for a rapid changing of motor oil to each vehicles.

    The recovery of the exhausted oil happen for fall, through the lateral basin adjustable for height, and also for aspiration through the probes.

    After depressurization have an self-regulating working without the necessity of continue connection of compressed air, for an independent and quick aspiration, using the suitable probe between the included kit of 10 probes.

    The units can suck till 2/3 of their capacity. 

    Oil Drum Trolley

    Trolley for 180-220 Kg barrels

    Equipped with:

    2 fixed wheels Ø250 mm

    2 swivelling wheels Ø125 mm

    Base dimension 610×610 mm

    Digital Gun

    Oil digital nozzle with PRESELECTION

    Oil digital flow meter with pre-selection delivery

    Handle with F 1/2” swivel joint

    Rigid end 90°

    Manual drop valve Ø12 mm