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    Garco Equipments

    It’s impossibly inefficient and expensive to manage your vehicle service centre’s bulk oil consumption on paper. Effective bulk oil fluid management systems allow fleet vehicle service shops to control expenses by closely managing their inventory of bulk oil. Additionally, with readily available inventories, parts managers can order new oil on a just-in-time basis, which gives your technicians less downtime and more time for servicing vehicles. In the same manner, a bulk oil fluid management system can track volumes of used or wasted oils to make sure they don’t accumulate to the point where disposal becomes a hassle.

    Pulse System

    When you buy a Graco product, you know it’s been engineered with high-quality materials, tested and proven to perform right out of the box. The result: Graco products last longer, eliminating equipment downtime. Nobody wants their technicians “on the bench waiting for equipment to be repaired. Additionally, your Graco oil meters and guns can handle a wide variety of petroleum and synthetic oils, DEF and antifreeze.

    Oil Pump

    Dealers and owners of service garages depend on Graco pumps and packages for product reliability. With Graco, you’ll minimise downtime, and we back your equipment with an industry-leading warranty. To make sure our pumps last, we manufacture them with reliable designs and construction, air and electric motors that offer unmatched durability.

    Oil Trolley For Drum

    Pulse Pro Wireless Fluid Management System

    From your storage tanks to the metered dispensers, a bulk oil inventory control system captures every transaction so you have a detailed dispense history of every ounce of oil. You’ll eliminate all guesswork and improve efficiency because you’ll know exactly when it’s time to refill your oil storage tanks. In fact, you can set up the software to automatically trigger email alerts when oil hits a specific level.