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    BZB-Car Spray Booth


    Our BZB-8300 car spray booth is designed with many details to take the actual needs of people from all walks of life into account. It requires relatively low equipment investment and operating cost, thus being quite popular among a large number of users. This product is generally suitable for the car repair factories in different countries or regions where the environmental protection is not highly demanded.


    Configuration Table

    Outside dimensionInside dimensionFront door dimensionWorking door dimensionTotal Power
    Chamber System1. The insertion type polystyrene insulation board is resistant to fire. The thickness of wallboard is 50mm. High-quality galvanized steel sheets are bent and pieced together to form the roof panel.
    2. The frame of door comes from aluminium alloy profiles by adoption of professional die sinking technology. The framework of the chamber adopts galvanized steel sheets.
    3. The platform is constructed from galvanized steel plates and anti-corrosion square steel frame. It is configured with two gratings and three checked plates.
    4. Three ramps of 600mm wide are composed of anti-skid diamond plates.
    Air Supply and Exhaust System1. The fan cabin consists of the coated profiles and superior-quality coated steel plates.
    2. Two 4kW double-inlet centrifugal fans with external rotor provide the air capacity of 24,000m3/h.
    3. The air is supplied from the side. The exhaust duct is composed of galvanized steel sheets and flanges.
    4. The air velocity is 0.35m/s, and the air change ratio reaches 280 times per hour.
    Purification System1. Our intake air filter is the high-quality filter screen. It can effectively catch the granules with the diameter of over 10μm.
    2. At the top of our car spray booth, there is a highly efficient filter screen made in Italy. This filter is able to seize the particles with the size of more than 5μm.
    3. The floor filter is made from fibre glass. The TSP value is at most 1.4mg/m3.
    Heating System1. The G20 type burner offers a maximum heating value of 180,000kcal/kg.
    2. The exchanger is made from the supreme-quality SUS304 stainless steel by utilizing the argon arc welding technology.
    3. The heat generator receives a spray finish.
    3. The 10N electric actuator is imported from Switzerland with original packaging. It can achieve the automatic changeover of paint spraying and curing.
    4. The highest temperature reaches 80 degrees Celsius. The heating rate is 4-6min at the temperature range from 20℃ to 60℃. The rate of oil consumption varies from 4kg to 6kg per unit.
    Illumination System1. Side of the Ceiling: 32pcs 36W Philips tubes
    2. Side of the Waist: 16pcs 36W Philips tubes
    3. Light Intensity: 900Lux
    Electric Control System1. This system is controlled by microcomputer program. The main circuit gives multiple protective functions. The structure is rational, and the performance is stable.
    2. The control system comes with the lighting switch, temperature and time settings, normal-temperature or constant-temperature paint spraying, paint-curing switch, emergency stop switch, failure alarm, counter and timer, among others.
    Waste Gas Treatment1. The waste gas is directly discharged.
    2. The eco-friendly cabinet can be optionally installed.
    Others1. The closed type tool cabinet is able to store paint and tools.
    2. The track frame is constructed from high-quality steel, which provides much convenience for spraying small parts.