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    Battery Diagnostic Station

    Fast, accurate and reliable, the GRX-3000 Battery Diagnostic Station can quickly and accurately determine if a battery is recoverable. Diagnostic charging continuously monitors and controls the charging process, stopping as soon as a battery can be returned to the customer or is determined to require replacement.

    • Identifies defective batteries with open welds and shorts rapidly
    • Charges recoverable batteries quickly and safely
    • Delivers better efficiency in the shop, clearer test results and more accurate preventative maintenance decisions
    • Eliminates guesswork and wasted time charging defective batteries


    • The industry’s first and most fully-featured high-voltage EV/HEV battery service tool, the GRX-5100 performs full battery pack service for hybrid and electric vehicles.

      • Safely discharges energy from the battery pack
      • Individually balances battery pack modules to ensure optimal pack operation
      • Continuously monitors voltage and temperature during service
      • On-screen verification that the battery is properly connected and operations can safely begin
      • Captures vehicle VIN and generates a detailed battery pack status report